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Government of punjab PO box No 829 Lahore has announced jobs for the people of punjab .These posts are available as temporary but are purely government based as this department belongs to public credentials .

1.Project Director
2.Financial Associate
3.Research Associate
4.Business development Officer

Number of seats are different for every post .For the project director and financial associate number of seats is only one while for the research associate total number of seats are four ,for the business development officer total number of seats are 10.

For the above mentioned posts ,the applicants should have punjab domicile.Depending in the position ,the qualification is different.Applicants must have 18 years education in Enviromental engineering and must have almost 5 years experience .For financial and research associate ,applicants must have 16 years education in economics ,accounting finance ,statistics or enviromental engineering .Applicants must have 18 years education in Business administration, accounting ,statistics or mathematics with minimum 2 to 3 years experience .All the applicants must know about MS office ,must be aware of all computer skills and managements .Applicants must be efficient in their work .Also should follow the age limit as per given by the website.

Applicants apply to these post by manual system .For every post the process is similar.Applicants attach their CV with attested documents including Cnic, all certificates ,passport size photographs ,domicile and post them to the postoffice mentioned above .If applicants apply for more than 1 seat ,separate applications must be submitted.These posts are valid till 2025 as these are temporary and after that workers should be terminated.Unsuitable applications or without attested documents will be dismissed.No fund or fee will be charged for applications .


ISSUE DATE : 30 june 2022
LAST DATE : 20 july 2022
DEPARTMENT : Government of punjab Lahore Post office
QUALIFICATION : 16 and 18 years education
CITY : Lahore



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